Robust IMO TierIII performance


The EGR blower is suitable for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) engines of all fuel types in all application ranges. Specifically designed for EGR systems, the ETB's active control plays an important role in enabling these systems to reach IMO Tier III emission standards.

Reducing NOx through recirculation

The ETB features a highly efficient blower wheel, optimized for low pressure ratios. The materials used are designed to withstand corrosive agents. High blower availability and variable speed operation ensure IMO Tier III compliance in emission control areas (ECAs).


    • Low consumption: improved thermodynamic efficiency allows extremely low energy consumption
    • High durability: all materials have been designed for highly corrosive atmospheres
    • Smart control for stable EGR flow: EGR flow is controlled by a high speed electric motor. The ETB is integrated into the engine control system.

    Technical data

    TypeMax. blower speed [rpm]Weight [kg]
    ETB40 (1)9,2001,860
    ETB30 (2)14,0001,200

    1) Available  2) Coming up soon

    ETB - explicitly designed for EcoEGR

    PBST's ETB is explicitly designed for EcoEGR applications where the blower will run continuously in both Tier III and Tier II Eco mode. This results in a compact and cost optimized design with highest availability. In Tier II Eco mode the EGR volume flow is approx. 50% of the required volume flow in Tier III mode. To cover the operation points of both running modes PBST's ETB features an extremely wide compressor map. The ETB achieves benchmark efficiencies and therefore the operational costs are minimized.  

    With ETB30 and ETB40 most of 2-stroke engine portfolios can be covered with just two frame sizes. The maximum engine power output with one ETB depends on the EGR volume flow and the pressure difference between exhaust gas and scavenging receiver. Therefore an EGR blower selection tool will be introduced and the output will be available in CEAS soon.