Perfomance Center

Ultimate performance recording.

Our cutting-edge PBST Performance Center  enables manufacturers of turbomachinery, turbochargers or other thermal machines to put their equipment through the most rigorous tests. Our equipment will deliver clear and accurate measurement results. And it goes without saying, that protection of our customers' sensitive data is guaranteed at all times.

Performance recordings for you

Are you looking for a way to optimize your equipment via detailed performance recording? We are
standing by to test your entire turbocharger, turbine or other thermal machine in our cutting-edge
Performance Center.
Five burners and two component test rigs are available to be used in your tests. You
can either perform a test by yourself or with the support of our experienced staff. No matter what you
choose, we guarantee full confidentiality and data security.


  • 5x TC test beds for different applications
  • 2x component test rigs
  • Available floor space: 5,250 m2
  • Media building: approx. 800 m2
  • Comprehensive test recording system
  • Measurements performed by experts with calibrated
    measurement devices
  • Profitability verification
  • All tests are performed according to applicable
  • rules and regulations
  • Protected by NDA, full confidentiality and data
    security standards
 TC test bed 1TC test bed 2TC test bed 3TC test bed 4TC test bed 5Turbine test rig (radial / axial)
Mass flow [kg/s]0.8 – 202.0 – 500.1 – 700.2 – 6.00.1 – – 20
Pressure range [bar]1212712712
Power output [kW]12,50032,00045,0003,6001,70012,500
Max. temp. turbine inlet [°C]up to 800up to 800up to 800up to 800up to 800up to 800
Test bed type1- & 2-stage1- & 2-stage1-stage1- & 2-stage1-stagecomponent
Area per test bed [m2]~ 97~ 108~ 120~ 65~ 34~ 98
Crane capability [t]1020203.215
Air supplyup to 17 kg/s air supply at 11.5 bar available for tests

State-of-the-art technology

Our new PBST Performance Center is equipped with the latest technology to enable our partners to
perform many series of test runs. Our qualified and experienced staff can offer consultations and support your test run if requested.

 Generated force Max. accelerationMax. shock forceMax. loadFree table momentMax. frequency
Shaker test rig (hot / cold )35.6 kN160 g peak80 kN3,000 kg1,524 x 1,524 mm900 Hz2,000 Hz


Performance Center highlights

  • Mass flow [kg/s] up to 70
  • Turbine inlet temp. [°C]: < 800
  • Noise according to ISO 3744 regulation
  • Two slots are available for pre-assembly
  • Containment test for full range of equipment
  • Compliant with local emission regulations

Example types of equipment that can be tested:

  • Turbochargers 
  • Gas turbines (shaft power, aircraft & stationary)
  • Compressors
  • Hot gas expanders
  • Turbo-pumps

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