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Engineering & Production

More than 125,000 delivered turbochargers around the world lead to outstanding experience in design, development and production of turbocharges and allow PBS Turbo to act as turbocharger supplier concentrated on individual customer requirements. Two-stage turbocharging is suitable for high and medium speed engines of all fuel types in applications for all engine power ranges. Extremely high efficiency and pressure ratios enable increased power density and allow improvements to key engine parameters.

Expertise in the development and production of turbochargers in these areas


Well experienced in the design of radial turbocharger

Usage of Pro/E, SAP


Verification of serial turbocharger production under hot run

Development, validation and testing of turbochargers and components

Cycle endurance testing

Vibration, Noise, Temperature, Pressure measurement and analysis


Release of turbochargers for on engine tests, field testing and for serial deliveries

Responsible for turbocharger testing on burner rig, engine and in field test   

Trouble shooting

Focus on field tests   

Arranging and organizing measurements at the customer in cooperation with other departments

Support of service department, technical sales and quality department 


Defining the flow parts of the turbocharger based on the engine data

Cooperation with engine manufacturers in data evaluation

Expertise in the development and production of parts on the machines:


Vertical machining centre 400kg


Vertical machining centre 300kg


    Turning - milling centre 30kg


    Turning - milling centre 25kg

    turning, milling, drilling

    turning, milling, drilling

    turning, milling, drilling

    turning, milling, drilling

    max. dimensions D 1050, H 1000

    max. dimensions D 730, H 1000

    max. dimensions D 300

    max. dimensions D 250

    max. weight 400 kg

    max. weight 300 kg

    max. weight 30 kg

    max. weight 25 kg


    Turret lathe 

    3 – ax vertical milling centre

      Uni cylindrical grinding machine 

      Uni surface grinding machine


      milling, drilling



      max. dimensions D 350

      max. dimensions 200 x 600, H 350

      max. dimensions D 200

      max. dimensions 300 x 600

      max. weight 200 kg

      max. weight 250 kg

      max. weight 25 kg

      max. weight 25 kg


      Balancing machine 

      Spinning equipment

        Heat treatment 



        Steel, iron, annealing, refining


        max. dimensions D 500, L 1000

        max. dimensions D 300, L 450

        hardening, nitrating, surface hardening


        max. weight 25kg

        max. weight 30 kg